Sunday, February 28, 2021

Are you looking to upgrade you home this spring? We can do the job for you. Looking to make more room out of that closet? Looking to add on to the living room? Looking for a new roof? We do all asspects of Carpentry, Plumbing, & Electrical work. Residential Remodeling and at our discounted price. We do recieve discounts for buying our own materials and we pass this discount onto you. This is just for you choosing us to do your project. We are Fully Insured, Great References and also a nice picture portfolio setup for you to look at online. Our pictures are at Please feel free to browse our entire site. We do gaurentee all of our work, if any problems occur within 2 yrs of us doing the job, just call and we will fix it for free. Normal wear and tear, not man caused.

Fully Insured
Great Rates
Great References
Free Estimates

We are located just across the lake in StAlbans VT