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The Law Office of Lance R. Hartwich offers professional legal counsel in a wide variety of business disputes and other civil dispute matters, whether you’ve already decided to bring a court action or are being sued, or whether you’re merely seeking legal advice at this point. We also provide experienced, aggressive, yet affordable defense of […]

Legal Separation or Divorce – Confidential; Reduced Rate

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My office offers a private and easy to use uncontested divorce service. This is done through my interactive, secure website, at a reasonable flat fee rate. This is a very simple process. You fill out my forms on my secure website. You can do that in the privacy of your office or your home. I […]

Jesse Ventura and Lou Dobbs discuss TSA groping

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Jesse Ventura on FOX Business News 04/13/11 With the much talk about TSA groping and violation to our rights we see that more and more communities and Americans are speaking out, especially when the pat downs are performed on minors. What is your opinion on this?

The Adirondack Pennysaver

The Adirondack Pennysaver is part of the Pennysaver National Advertising Network and is directly partnered with the Catskills Pennysaver giving us the ability to serve the greater New York Region as the Premier Pennysaver community resource. The Adirondack Pennysaver is also forming a monthly publication that will be distributed at commercial locations to be picked up by Adirondack residents as well as […]