Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Once you’re sure that fixing your computer yourself isn’t an option and that getting help from an online computer repair service is out of the question, you’re left with seeking computer support from a local service of some kind… but which kind? Do you think that your only option for computer repair is the big retailer in the shopping center?

Well the answer to that question is no, because when you call Horton’s Computer Repair Service the computer repair service can be handled for you locally and professionally. Horton’s Computer Repair Service you get quality repairs for a quality price that you can depend on for your computer repair needs.

Rates vary, and so do charging schemes (some computer repair services are billed per service), but our hourly rate is $25 per hour which is average. Too much higher than that and you’re likely getting ripped off. Too much lower and you’re probably in for sub-par service or a scheme where you’re billed for a higher-than-average number of hours.

Having yet to take a look under the hood, no computer repair service can tell you with absolute certainty how many billable hours something might take. If all you need is a simple hardware replacement or software installation, you might be quoted a specific amount, but otherwise you should expect a little flexibility on the answer to that question.

Not all computer problems take several hours to repair. Our computer repair service might only spend 10 to 15 minutes solving a particular problem. If your problem happens to be one of these “quick fixes” you should be aware of how you’ll be charged for it.. Most computer repair services will charge you 1 hour of labor for any time up to one hour spent working on your PC. This is sometimes called a minimum bench charge and is completely customary, however if your computer “issue” takes less than a half hour to fix we charge a minimum of $15.

It’s important to know if you can expect a guarantee on the services provided. No one wants to get their computer serviced again two weeks later for the same problem. For most problems we guarantee our service for 30 days. No reputable computer repair service will guarantee a satisfactory solution to your PC problem before they’ve had a chance to look at the computer. You should always be prepared to pay at least the minimum bench charge even if your computer couldn’t be repaired in the way you expected.

With in home service calls you can expect a travel fee of $10
Hourly rate, travel fees and minimum bench charges are non-negotiable. Please be aware that you will be charged the travel fee (when applicable) even in the event that the computer cannot be repaired. In the event of traveling to your location you refuse repair after the diagnostic and estimate for repair has been made for your computer you are still subject to the traveling fee.

We are located at 7121 Rt 22 West Chazy NY a minute past the beekmantown school on the left, or call 518 335 4391 to set up an appointment.