Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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My name is Ralph Grose JR and what I want to tell you about is none other than Energy Deregulation. Many have no idea even what Energy Deregulation is, and if you are one of them you need to find out fast.

p>Energy deregulation is the removal of government rules and regulations which in turn allows a free market of energy suppliers. What this means for consumers is that they are now allowed to choose who their energy provider is. This is a big step for most states the energy market has been monopolized by large companies who could dictate the prices without any fear of competition. Now with energy deregulation happening in more states the power is shifting back to the consumers.

Even though energy deregulation is relatively “new” to most people, this is not the first time that an industry was deregulated. This is exactly what happened to the telephone industry back in 1984. Before that date, AT&T was the ONLY supplier of telephone service, local or long distance. The states and the federal government came together and deregulated the telecom industry so as to save money for the consumer because AT&T was the only game in town and could expense what they wanted. There was no choice. The telecom deregulation created many new firms and an industry which is about $80 Billion per year. Those who captured that growth made a fortune.

p>The niche, the industry and the growth pattern is solid and sound. It is a matter of positioning. Speaking of positioning, that brings me to the other companies that are out there that deal with energy deregulation business opportunities.
Being that the niche and industry are sound, there is a bit of hindrance from the deregulation law itself. When it was passed, the law left it up to the states to implement energy deregulation in their states. So at the moment, all 50 states in American are NOT energy deregulated.

There are about 29 states that have some form of energy deregulation. Meaning that some states only allow commercial energy deregulation of electricity and/or natural gas or both. Some states allow energy deregulation of electricity and/or natural gas for residents. And some states allow energy deregulation all across the board…commercial businesses and residential.
The good news is that energy deregulation is mandated to be in ALL 50 states by 2015. So what do you do in the mean time? Well that is what brings me to Consumer Choice Marketing.

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