Tuesday, March 2, 2021

I am looking for anyone who has openings in an established daycare. I have an 8 month old boy who I will be needing daycare for starting somtime next week. I also have a 5 year old who is in school during the day, however will need child care for him as well on occasion until school lets out. After this point, I believe June 16th I will need someone to watch them both on a daily basis mon-fri. I am looking for someone who does this for a living, and is very experienced. This will be the first time my youngest is in daycare and I am very uneasy about it. I would like to set up a time to come in and meet you, and let you get to know my son a little bit. He is very shy! If you have any openings and you fit the description I have stated please shoot me an email at Danapl21@aol.com. Please include your hourly rates.